Monthly Archives: September 2017


Begin Again

So if you read my blog you probably noticed that yesterday I wrote about how delicious some movies can be when they are not just about the story but are fluent, like the music that take the spotlight in the...
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High Fidelity, journey through feel good movies

Whatever hapened to the small movies that are about the music, movies like Almost Famous and Begin Again but most of all, what happened to movies like High Fidelity? The point that I am trying to make actually is, what...
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Equipment for my reviews

Starting this week I will be writing some of my reviews again in English for a broader audience. I will also be writing more of them and hopefully find the joy again not just in writing them but also in...
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Streams, het nieuwe circus?

We hebben allemaal wel iets waar wij ons online aan ergeren als gamers zijnde. Vaak zijn het die twaalf jarigen die sex hebben gehad met onze moeders en ons uitschelden voor homo’s maar er is recentelijk met de opkomst van...
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