I love this time of year, not the season but the time of year with the Olympics. The Olympics are the only sports events that I enjoy watching and am even willing to stay at home for. I just love the atmosphere that surrounds the event. The atmosphere of brotherhood perhaps, this because The Olympics are really the game of the people of all over the world since officially everybody can enter and is allowed to participate just as long as the Olympic comite of your country supports your nomination.


At the moment I am watching weightlifting for the women, though at first I was like “they can’t be women” when I looked at some of them, as many men do but when you look harder you will actually see that there are some beautiful women amongst them. But not only are some of them very beautiful, they are in fact very strong as well, I mean wow, 135 kilos? Where did you learn to lift that much weight?


But yes, with some contestants you even wonder if that is really a woman that you are looking at. For example, when we look at Sirkaew from Thailand you might even think that she is a guy because of the body structure. However, perhaps it is in a way just jealousy talking since those women can lift weights even twice their own weight and to be honest, that is extremely impressive.


The competition was really strong for them at the 58kg class however at the end China won and not Thailand which was a bit of a relief you could almost say because I was really in doubt if we were actually looking at a woman. But with some googling I found out that it was actually a woman, probably due to the heavy training she got to look like that but wow still. Many people are debating about her.


So the end result was:

Gold: Li Xueying

Silver: Sirikaew Pimsiri

Gold: Kalina Yuliya