The Olympics – I love them

So some people have asked me why I love the Olympics so very much because to be honest, every day at work I can’t wait to rush home and turn on the television again so I can continue watching it again and again. In a way you can say that the Olympics are like the Internet actually, it connects all of us, everyone in the world comes together in peace and harmony to watch together this festival of sports, the one and only sport festivity that welcomes everyone not only to participate but also to watch it and shine.

For a couple of weeks once every two years the world is trully united and we all focus on our athletes who participate and though everyone wants to win a gold medal, it is also the one event that really sends out the message of “Participation is more important than Winning” and they are right however, that does not mean that athletes just wing it, on the contrary, they are actually giving everything they’ve got because an Olympic title is yours for atleast 4 years while in many sports you can already lose your world title the next year.

Also you get the chance as an athlete to compete against countries you might otherwise not get the chance to compete against which makes it in a way even more challenging but also brings a lot of surprises in the field but also with the winners.

Though I am not a sports lover I do watch the Olympics almost religiously and thanks to the internet I don’t even have to hope my favorite sport will be broadcasted on the TV but I can just watch the streams online so I am no longer being forced to wait for it even. It opens a lot of posibilities.

So is the circle now round? The Olympics connect us all and the internet allows us to watch it all and enjoy every moment of the games when they are far away.

Dutch bid
Now they are planning for a Dutch bid for the 2028 Olympics, again to be in Amsterdam (together with Rotterdam but it will be called Amsterdam 2028) and though there are some people against it I think that it is something we absolutely need to go for, we must try to get the games here because it will give us more than it will cost. Don’t forget that it is not all about money because with each country there will probably also be a business delegation you complainers ;-).

But more importantly, this is the best way to promote your country and show what you have got. It will show that we are a warm welcome country and that we know sports very well.
I know that I will be on my way to my 46th birthday at that time but I would still volunteer to help there and will try to visit as many events as I can because to be honest, who does not want to be a part of this magnificent event. I would almost say that I would wish that we could have every year the Olympics but I think once every 2 years is actually even better, lets keep it special, lets make us tear up every opening and closing ceremony, lets live towards this magnificent event and enjoy it and show everybody that we are all together.