New York Day 3

The third day started nice and slow even though we met again with eachother at 08:00. We started the morning again at Cafe Manhattan and took perhaps not the healthiest of breakfasts but it was one in the style of the USA meets the UK so I am sure you will get the idea what kind of food you can get there (yes, even Pizza early in the morning but who wants that when the pizza is hot, cold pizza is after all the way to go in the morning).

Day 3 was going to be the first day that we were going to do some separate exploring. Sure we would still do things together but later in the day Sanne and Jochem decided to take a separate trip as well.

We started after the breakfast with the Uptown Tour which took us through the Museum Mile and Harlem (no gangstas there homie). It told us a lot about the history about that part of town and not like Manhattan that part of the city had actually a lot of hills which was nice for a change. Unfortunately it was not that great for people who wanted to make pictures because you were not allowed to stand in the bus and the front of the bus had still a part of the bus’s front so you had windows and as everybody knows, windows are not that great in front of you if you want to make some pictures ;-). So I am sure you can imagine that I did make some pictures but not as much on the previous tours. This tour was also very busy surprisingly.

After the tour we went to Top of The Rock which is on top of Rockefeller Plaza and let me tell you this, it is incredibly high. Top of the Rock is situated on the 67th floor and after a long line when you finally have your tickets you are allowed to enter the little museum about the plaza. In the museum there is also a very expensive photo opportunity but we did not take it. So we went to the elevator. The elevator has a glass roof that not only shows you going up but it also plays a video that counts in an exciting way that you are moving up towards your destination, the 67th floor.
Now let me make clear that I am terrified of heights, I mean I can stand on a strong secured ladder for a few steps but not too high, I just hate it, I need something in front of me to protect me, I need to be standing securely and luckily Top of the Rock is a very strong tower and on every level on the observation platform there is very thick glass with some holes in between for pictures. So no, my fear of heights is not cured but I did went all the way to the top of the observation platform as you could have seen on Facebook.

Unfortunately the third day was also going to be the last sunny day in New York they predicted so we did all we could to enjoy this day the most and so we wanted to go to Statten Island however, since the Security Rating was at level 1 they cancelled a lot of ferrys and that meant that we would not be able to go there at that moment since we had promised to meet eachother again at 19:00 and once we arrived there it was already 1700, a huge pity and we already discovered that New York in 5 days is just way too little time. It is a huge pity because Sunday and Monday would now be cramped up with museums… And on top of that is Monday also the day that we are going to watch The Dark Knight Rises in the AMC Loews Lincoln Center in the IMAX theater (awesome, I can’t wait).

The evening dinner we ate at the food court in Grand Central Terminal and well, it was nice and tasty, not expensive but just simple food (though you could make it a lot more complicated but knowing that you can have a huge meal for just 10 dollars makes it probably worth your time and money. Unfortunately though the Apple Store was closed…

We finished the evening off with drinks at Mat46, that is the rooftop lounge of the Hotel which was really great, we had a fantastic view and the breeze made the weather tolerable up there.

Again a busy day but day 4 was promising to be even busier.