New York Day 5

Day 5 in New York, the last full day in the Big Apple.
This last day was going to be a very busy one because we still had countless things to do and eventually failed to do a couple of them.

Hans and I wen’t this morning to Tiffany’s to fulfill a dream of mine, to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which is actually eating a pastry in front of Tiffany’s 😉 but still, it was something I really wanted. And it might sound strange but the hardest part of this was finding a Starbuck’s to get some coffee. Hans made some pictures of me and after that we went to the Apple Store with the glass building on top of the entrance which was quite awesome, so many different machines, I think you could get a mac there in every spec that you would have wanted and naturally free internet (which I used gladly).

After the Apple Store we went to Central Park because you just can’t go to New York without a visit to the most famous park of the world. We walked a bit through it and enjoyed how big it is but our time was again limited and it was getting extremely hot again so we decided to look for a nice cool place to have a cold drink and enjoy some free WiFi at the nearest Starbucks. After this nice cool down we went to The Museum of Modern Art which was very impressive and interesting though at some exhibitions I was wondering why people would call some things art because it was something anybody could make, so very simple, just strange.

We stayed there for a couple of hours and after that we split up again. Jochem, Hans and I went to the NBA store while Sanne and Louise went to look for Broadway Tickets. As soon as Jochem was finished in the NBA store we got a call from Louise and Sanne that they were already done with the hunt for tickets and we were meeting again and split up again. Louise Hans and I did a small drink and after that Louise went to the hotel to change and Hans and I rushed to the Cinema to pick up our tickets for The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX (AMC Loews Lincoln Square with a 23x30m screen and the movie being played on 70mm.).
When we arrived there we were told that there were no seats assigned to the tickets so that we already had to wait in line for the best seats. We quickly rang Jochem that he needed to come quickly because we would keep a seat for him free but that we could not meet him outside but that his ticket would be at the guest services and that we would keep him a seat.
Luckilly the doors quickly opened and he was quickly inside with us. Before the movie would start at 19:00 they would play some previews and well, that went on and on for 30 minutes though it did feature some nice making off’s from Halo and Resident Evil.
The movie was naturally awesome and the IMAX screen was breathtaking and awesome, it was blowing theater 1 from Utopolis Almere widely away and though the projection quality was not what I expected it to be it was still very awesome and an experience that I did not want to have missed.

We finished the night at O Brian’s at 42nd Street after a crazy taxi ride with an Ukrainian taxi driver :P. We went for some drinks and after that had a few more drinks in the hotel room until we called it the night since the next day would have been a busy one.