New York Day 6 and first evening in Orlando

On the sixth day in New York we knew it would be the last day there. After all we had to go quite early to the airport and well, if you have ever flown to the USA than you know that it is no pleasure to go through security.

So we woke up quite early, and with early I mean that we woke up around 08:00, which you can say is quite late but well, we were having a vacation and that means sleep late :P. We finished packing our backs and while Sanne and Jochem went for some more shopping Hans, Louise and I decided to take it slow.

Louise and I went to the Concierge, she wanted to inform about the taxi service and I was looking for a post box :). Turned out we were asking there some stupid questions. For the postbox I could have just used the lanes next to the elevators which ended up in a postbox at the bottom of the hotel in the hall (maybe some signs guys?) and the Concierge had naturally a taxi for us, for $150,-!!! Which was HELL TO THE NO!!!! for us, I mean if you can go to the hotel for less than half than the other way around should be possible as well. And it was, Louise found the number luckily in the Yellow Pages so she rang the number and requested a minivan to drive us later in the morning to the Airport.

After all this it was time for us to have some breakfast. We decided to look for a different place than the usual ones, to give us some diversity but unfortunately the other ones had no place to sit, not even Dunkin Donuts, it was either too expensive for just breakfast, or had no seats or nothing that we wanted. However, luckily there was a simple lunch room across the hotel which we tried and had some very tasty sandwiches/baguettes and so we had a very nice breakfast.

After breakfast we decided to check out and wait for Sanne and Jochem who arrived early but still very much on time since our ride was early as well. The ride to Newark was quite fast and comfortable, no annoying driver who did not understand us or bothered us with bad music and so we arrived comfortably at the airport. We dropped our bags outside and walked to the magazine store where Hans advised with Sanne a Dutch family on something (nosy Dutchmen πŸ˜‰ ) and we went to the “holes in socks check” (aka security/passport check). Luckily I had no holes in my socks and I was cleared to continue. We had a few hours of nothing to do so I went to grab a New York Pizza slice for lunch and read a bit more. (At this point I was still reading 50 Shades of Grey)

The boarding was quite fast, we were flying Economy Plus again though this plane did not yet have the personal entertainment systems so I just read a bit more and played some games on my Vita. Though the flight would have taken us only 2 hours and 15 minutes, unfortunately they told us that there were thunderstorms nearby so we would have to wait a while. After 30 minutes of flying around we were finally cleared to land but even there we had to wait a while until we could dock at the gate and once we were there we had to change gates after that because there was something wrong with the docking. All in all we were 90 minutes delayed! Argh :P.

But that was not the end of it all, when we went to Hertz to pick up the car here was something wrong with the reservation too :(, it really was not our day :(, luckily they managed to fix it eventually and we were allowed to get the car.

The car was btw a Dodge Caravan which is really huge minivan and so very comfortable, we had it in the taxi from and to the hotel in New York as well so everybody was really pleased with it :).

After a mere 10 miles I think (maybe longer but I was very sleepy) we arrived at The Radisson Resort in/near Celebration which is actually the best hotel we stayed in during our entire trip…

The manager was very friendly and cheerful and gave us good advice on how to get to our part of the hotel and park the car nearby.

When we walked in the room it was absolutely huge (though the airco was cold and loud). Sanne and Jochem were staying in the room next to us actually which also made planning a lot easier. We decided to go to the pharmacy/supermarket/deli that was located next to the resort to grab something to eat and something to drink before we would go to bed and since we now had a little fridge it was extra useful to grab some 2 liter bottles of Mountain Dew since they would stay cold now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D.

Once back in the resort it was an early night for all of us (though it felt really late). We did watch a bit more Big Bang Theory but at one point I think we all just fell asleep due to the stress and traveling of that day.