Orlando – Discovering the Wall-Mart ;-)

The first full day in Orlando was to be honest a very lazy one. We woke up quite late actually and Louise, Sanne and Jochem decided to go for a swim while Hans and I would join them later at the pool to keep them company but first Hans and I decided to try out the local Starbucks coffee in the resort. After all we were lazy :P.

We chose one of the parasols near the pool and while Sanne, Jochem and Louise were swimming I was reading while enjoying a bit of shade. Later on they joined us and we decided to go for a lunch there by the pool and to be honest, the lunch was huge, I had a cheeseburger and it was delicious, one of the best I had that vacation so far.

After a little while we decided it was time to do some shopping and so we went to Wall-Mart. And wow, it is huuuuuuge. It was a Wall-Mart Superstore so that means there is also a McDonalds inside and though that was a big McDonalds, it was even just a very small percentage of the store.

We decided however to start at the far side of the store and walk our way up to the food part and yes, partially due to some shopping and trying for clothes this took us HOURS!!! Well maybe 2, not more than 3…

It was nice to see some reasonable prices for food and drinks and we decided to also do some shopping for the next day for that was going to be a Disney day. Woohoo, Magic Kingdom :D. So we as true Dutchies bought bread and drinks and lots of toppings for on the bread so we would have a wide choice of food while in the park. There was however a very nice surprise in the store, Sanne discovered they had Irn-Bru, something like Mountain Dew but then Orange :).

After a long afternoon of shopping it was time to hop back in the car and drive back to the resort where we finished the evening with an excellent dinner at the restaurant, they had a really tasty buffet there that we enjoyed and we took an early nighter for the following day would be a very early and busy one.