Begin Again

So if you read my blog you probably noticed that yesterday I wrote about how delicious some movies can be when they are not just about the story but are fluent, like the music that take the spotlight in the movie. Movies that have the music as perhaps one of the leading roles and one of those movies is Begin Again.

Begin Again is a rather small independent movie with in the leading roles Kiera Knightley, James Corden and Mark Ruffalo. Each of them are major actors and yet they decided to make this small independent movie that is all about the music. The movie is about Dan,a music producer that lost his way, he lost everything and even his job as he stumbles into a bar where Greta, Kiera Knightley, is singing her song to forget her sorrow after her boyfriend cheated on her. Dan (Mark Ruffalo) wants to sign her while being very drunk and even though his label does not support him he decides to record the music with Greta live in the open air of New York while they both slowly recover from their troubles and trying to leave their problems behind them while trying to create musical magic.

This movie is perhaps one of the more wonderful movies that I want to talk about in this series because first of all, the cast sings the songs themselves, it is truly magical to hear the characters really sing while they are performing the songs. It probably took a number of takes but it is such a delight to see a cast perform music with so much joy. And no wonder because not only the movie is truly a delight to watch because the cast is having so much fun but also the soundtrack is absolutely mesmerizing to listen to. It will stay in your head and you will dance in your seat as the movie goes along, even worse, the soundtrack will stay stuck in your head and before you know it you will be listening to it on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or just plain old fashioned Youtube (or buy the record).

It is one of the gems of which you will see the trailer and you wonder, do I want to take a chance with this movie or do I miss out on this, am I willing to take a chance and watch a product of love. Personally I really wanted to watch the movie after the trailer and it was first not even sure if we would play it at my work and I might have to watch it at another theater while the audio at my work is so beautifully setup. And I was not disappointed, it was such a delight to enjoy this movie in the cinema and the moment it came out I brought it home. The music helped me through some troubling times and at work it kept a smile on my face when I was done or when I was performing maintenance. It has songs that might make you confront yourself with your problems but it also shows you through the music how you can turn that bad time into something positive, how to pick yourself up after it.

This might not be the most original movie (though it was one of the first times I saw something like it) but it absolutely is one that will stick by you, it is a movie that you might run of to when you have a bad day and a soundtrack that you want to play on a warm summer day to sing along to or dance through the house when you are doing chores and you dance through the house.

So join me on this musical journey through New York, lets join Greta and Dan as they make music the way it is supposed to be made, pure, honest and out there. And maybe, just maybe, you will discover a side of your movie (and musical) taste in a way you might not have known you had. And in a way, you might just get a small taste of New York, that wonderful city that somehow always knows how to bring the magic.