Dealing with tinnitus

So over the last year I have had some problems with light tinnitus. For those who dont know what it is it is a problem inside your head, it is the pitching beep in your ears after a very loud sound, like a concert, that you can sometimes hear very loud, sometimes when you are very stressed or when you are in a very silent environment.

I have been dealing with this for around a year now after I was confronted with a very loudly mixed Bollywood movie at work that was just deafening to my ears at that moment and well, the next morning when I woke up I noticed that there was a beep inside my ears that just would not stop unless I heard some other sounds, that would interrupt it and would make the annoyance go away as long as my mind would not search for the missing noise.

The biggest problem however when you have this condition is that when you go to sleep it is impossible to turn on some noise all night long because you want to sleep (and not sleeping once again causes you to focus on the noise inside your ears).

So I have started to look into some audioclips and videos that produce a soothing sound that is not loud and annoying. Hope that if you also have tinnitus you will be able to find some use to them, some are even 8 hours long, that way you can just listen to it all night long even though you might not be completely¬†aware¬†of it during your sleep. Dont worry, there are no clips with soothing water because I know they could help but they wont help if they might make you want to pee (there is some rain though), there is no use for that during the night now is there… (yes, I like trains)

Unfortunately there is no permanent solution for tinnitus yet, it is as they say in my country all in your head though there is some promising research. Hopefully it will help the people who have a worse situation than I have be helped with it. For me, like I said, it is gone when I hear other sounds. But when there is no other noise and the house is silent, it is sometimes quite annoying.

Maybe I will write more about this when I have done more research about it.